There is a long list of reasons why Winston-Salem, Forsyth County is such an ideal setting for business. But if I had to focus on the ones that were the most compelling and relevant to businesses today, the following five would rank pretty high on the list:

1. Location – Situated in the center of the East Coast, we are very fortunate to be within a short flight or a day or two drive of close to 2/3 of the U.S. population. This gives businesses here efficient access to markets. And we all know that efficient is good.

2. Transportation/Logistics – Not surprisingly, with such a great location, we’ve managed to pull together a wealth of transportation and logistics providers to complement our access to an excellent highway network, ports and international air service.

3. Low Cost of Business – What can be a surprise to businesses and consultants outside of this area is how competitive we are related to tax structure, utilities pricing, wages and other costs, especially when they see how well maintained and sophisticated our infrastructure is. It’s about getting more bang for your buck.

4. Workforce – More than hard working and highly trained. Industries here continue to be impressed by how trainable our workforce is. (One tech company talked openly about how impressed they were with how quickly the workers were able to get up to speed, beating their already aggressive timeline by several weeks.) Along with the relatively modest wage levels in the area, this could be the best reason of all.

5. Quality of Life – Of course, most places boast about quality of life. We just happen to be able to prove it. A vibrant art community, outstanding climate with 4 distinct seasons, mild winters, outstanding neighborhoods, recreation and community organizations — it’s all here. Plus, hop in the car and you’re in the mountains in 1 hour, or at the beach in 3 ½ hours.

At WSBI, we work with businesses and consultants every day to put together the most relevant data about Winston-Salem. These five areas usually come up in our conversations and often end up being a huge factor in making Winston-Salem their choice for business relocation and expansion.

You might have different reasons in mind. I invite you to comment or contact us to learn more.